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Shipping Policy


Returns, exchanges or refunds of any kind are not accepted.

If you receive a package that contains a broken vial, jar or bottle due to transportation mishandling, you must send photographic proof to our email so we can proceed to the replacement of the product.

In the event that you receive a wrong purchase order or one you did not place, please contact us so we can proceed with the correction of your order.


Orders within the USA:

Although Armesso USA, Corp. usually ships orders using United States Postal Service (“USPS”), Armesso USA, Corp. reserves the right to ship your order using any courier Armesso USA, Corp. deems most appropriate for the transaction. Generally, all shipped orders have tracking information. All orders generally for in stock merchandise ship within two to five (3-9) business days from the time your order is placed. Shipping costs are additional to the total of your order. If your billing address is different from your shipping address, please make sure to include your phone number with your order so we may contact you regarding your order. Due to the difference in services provided by different couriers, we may send your order using a different courier service.

Orders Shipped to Canada and Other International Destinations:

Armesso USA, Corp. uses FedEx, EMS, and USPS to ship to Canada. As Canada is an international destination, you are responsible for knowing the customs regulations in your country. If you have any request regarding your order in relation to custom's regulations, please add special comments when placing your order. Armesso USA, Corp. has the right to refuse returned merchandise due to Canada's customs’ refusal. We may reship orders but will not accept returns. We use FedEx and EMS to ship to other countries. Please know we do not accept returns for international orders. Prior to placing an order, please know the customs regulations in your country. Armesso USA, Corp. has the right to refuse returned merchandise due to customs’ refusal for international orders.  We may reship items but will not accept returns.