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Quality Commitment

We are committed to maintain the GMP and ISO 9001 philosophy in all our manufacturing activities; from the selection of our suppliers, to the control and supervision of our manufacturers.

Our raw material suppliers are located all around the world and comply with the high demands of worldwide standards (FDA, COLIPA, and CTFA). In addition, they are subject to strict quality controls. Our raw materials are stored in GMP warehouses.

Our processes are done with the latest technology and accomplish clean and efficient results. This allows us to offer products with higher quality standards than those offered in the market

This technology counts with sophisticated equipment which specializes in the cleansing of containers, aseptic filling, terminal sterilization and in optical computerized control. In addition, we count with highly trained plant personnel and professional scientific personalized support.

Lighting, humidity and temperature conditions are maintained for 24 hours a day in our warehouses, with the objective of keeping AM products in perfect conditions. Trained personnel with GMP and ISO 9001 standards are in charge of organizing shipments and making sure they always get to their destinations at the right time.

All AM products go through strict lot numbering controls which allow ARMESSO to perform the necessary traceability if needed.