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Company History

Since its start 15 years ago, Armesso has become the leader in international and local markets of aesthetic, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors due to its innovative development and production of professional beauty products.
Due to Armesso´s commitment to quality and the constant improvement of its processes, the achievement of becoming a leading brand has been possible. In addition to this, constant efforts to improve investigationg, development and innovation, have contributed to perfecting its beauty products.

The company was born with the objective of satisfying men and women’s personal care, health and beauty needs. These activities started with the launching of a group of products created from natural extracts. These products have facial and corporal nutrients to promote the attractiveness of the skin.
The effectiveness and noticeable results of our beauty treatments, have made the company experience an exponential international growth having presence in 15 other countries.

Today, the company highly invests in R+D+I and offers a wide range portfolio of cosmetic solutions, distributed in several markets such as European Union, Middle Eastern Countries, USA, Mexico, Salvador, Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile.